May 31, 2001PROJECTS


Year: 2001
Media: DVD (animation 17 min)

When I studied at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Canada as an exchange student from Kyoto City University of Art, I made an animation for my introduction.

It was my first time that I went to a country whose language I didn’t understand so I tried to get the information from the sign or logo in Canada. Then I realized that Japan had overflowing signs and logos on the street and I thought I could somehow use them to introduce Japan.

Nine characters using about 200 different company logos and 150 depictions of dairy necessities appear in the hand-drawn animation. As they travel into town by train, various kinds of logos can be seen through the window on the train and the characters encounter a lot of events. At that time the juvenile delinquency was a big problem. Therefore I created a scene in which a seemingly innocent character turns into violence.