Lost and Found



Site specific project / Video 40min
Project venue: Past Vyner Street, 1 Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9DS UK Projct dates: Sat 11th, Sun 12th, Sat 25th, Sun 26th June 2011, Sat 10:00-16:00 Sun 10:00-14:00


In this project I had investigated with the lost property the relation- ship between the local communities on Past Vyner Street in the UK.

I made the delivery absence notice that was similar to the Royal mail’s one and put it into the local resident’s post boxes. This deliv- ery absence notice said, “please pick up your lost belogings”. It also showed where and when you should go and the lost property’s number but it didn’t tell what it was.

People who received the notice felt different feelings and visited the gallery space. In the gallery there were 350 lost belongings that I had collected on the street, at the club and visitors got one of them in exchange for the delivery absence notice.

118 people visited the gallery in total for four days and 100 out of them got ‘their’ lost objects.

I recorded the conversations with the local people and it turned to a 40-minute video work.

After this project the rest 250 items were displayed in the BSix Free Shop, which I opened on BSix College campus. Students could get any item on display for free or in exchange for their own things.

About 100 items found its new owners and I got 180 new items from students. Interestingly, unpopular items in Lost and Found project were early to be taken in the BSix Free Shop. There were 330 items left in the shop in the end.