14. Ishiyama Buddhist altar fittings shop

August 18, 2012EVENTS


There is a  Buddhist altar fittings shop next to Mito Art Tower. I tried to do elusive mendings at this shop. I think it is very hard to find them.

Selected London lost properties settled themselves down into appropriate places.It was like a miracle, I think they had a destiny to come there from London. Ishiyama san and his wife were also very happy with this mending.

No1: The black thin belt decorated the crack in the stone tile.

No2: A part of The black black belt which was also exchanged in BSix Free Shop filled in the lack on the floor. It fit in so well. It looks so comfortable. I am so happy for the belt san.

No3: A part of a grey silver bag which was exchanged by one of the students while I was running BSix Free Shop got a new role of being a part of the stone piece! Congratulation. Good luck. This bag plays lots of new roles in Mito!