9. Cafe trois chambres

August 23, 2012EVENTS


There is a very nice coffee shop in Keisei department store. I often had the meetings there and the staff Hosokawa san got interested in Mending Mito project.

I had been looking for anywhere I could mend in the shop every time I had a meeting there but there was nothing I could do as it's very clean and tidy shop. I found some cracks and a hollow in the light sign box but I thought they had an excellent presence and it was definitely a part of its history. I was about to give up but I happened to find Hosokawa san’s apron had a little hole in its pocket. I asked her if I could mend it, she cheerfully agreed. We chose a material together for mending. After all, I realized that I felt a great peace of mind by sharing some time with Hosokawa san to look at London lost properties, do some needlework through this mending.