5. Jyussen-Ya

August 27, 2012EVENTS


As I everyday cycled, I often saw Mori san by the entrance of his shop. I had many chance to talk to him. Every time I saw him, he told many things to me. One day he showed me how to make a windmill out of a big plastic bottle. Mori san said it took 6 months to have invented it so he usually didn’t tell anyone about it. His smile encouraged me a lot.

Mori san often take a nap in this chair. I imagined he was sleeping in this chair, and I wanted to make it a bit more soft and comfortable for him.

A few days later after I mended it, I saw him at the entrance of his show as usual, he said “Thank you so much, It’s comfortable to sleep. My customer says “it’s so cool!” and I feel so good!” I was so happy to hear it and I really appreciated that striped scarf which I got from Shoreditch House.