【Event】A blurry stage on the horizon

December 10, 2014EXHIBITIONS


Title: A blurry stage on the horizon
Period: 2014.11.22 (Sat) – 2014.12.7 (Sun)
Venue: Kyoto City University of Arts ART GALLERY @KCUA
Open Hours: 11:00 〜 19:00 ( admission before 18:30) Closed on Monday  (Open on Monday if it is public holiday, then closed on the following day.)
Admission: Free
Curated by: Teppei Kaneuji Tom Woolner  Makiko Yamamoto
Organized by: Kyoto City University of Arts
Co-organized  by: Kyoto City University of Arts ART GALLERY @KCUA   Higashiyama Artists Placement Service  (HAPS)

This project was curated by Teppei Kaneuji, Tom Woolner, Makiko Yamamoto. We created a stage as a “platform/device” where induce unexpected events in the gallery space. A variety of events and performances took place on the stage. Depending on the events and performances, the stage was transformed daily through the involvement of the participants and us.

【related event】
2014.11.22 (Sat) 16:00- Opening Reception   /   18:30-19:30 PerformanceTom Woolner+Research Centre for Japanese Traditional Music, Kyoto City University of Arts, Hyslom (Dango), Tochka (Video), COUMA (Table Tennis), Buffalomckee (Music), Sukarabe (Dance), Ritsumeikan University MagicPlayers (Magic)
2014.11.23(Sun) Talk with KCUA Exchange Students: “Kyoto through their perspectives”
2014.11.24(Mon) Family Picnic Day
2014.11.27(Thur) Workshop for local Senior citizens
2014.12.4(Thur) Special Art class for Kyoto City Dohda Senior High School of Arts
2014.12.5(Fri) Workshop for elementary school students