【Workshop】 “Daidarabo and Holiburn 2015 – Let’s make a story of two giants (first chapter)”



“Daidarabo and Holiburn – Making a story of two giants, the first chapter”
July 22 – 24,2015 11:00-14:30
Nanatsudo Park and Kunita Elementary School (Mito, Japan)
17 4th-6th grader children of Kunita Elementary School

The children of Kunita Elementary School made a new legend of Daidarabo and Holiburn that is supposed to be completed as a sound performance in the future. The children made a scenario book of the first chapter and trial props. On the last day, the children did a trial performance that was filmed. It will be shown to the children of Alverton Primary School in Penzance, UK, then the children of Alverton Primary School are going to make the second chapter following the first chapter in November 2015.

『Daidarabo and Holiburn’s Journey』

 Chapter 1

One day Holiburn came to Nanatsudo park. Playful Holiburn found a wooden stick and made a golf club. With Daidarabo, they played golf with a big stone and rock shaped just like hamburger.

The big stone and rock shaped just like hamburger were hit so far, they went over rice paddies, over rivers, over the mountains, over the ocean, and landed in Penzance in England. So excited to find where the stone went, Holiburn’s sandal came off when he jumped.

Daidarabo saw Holiburn’s sandal come off, and took it with him as he went after Holiburn. Daidarabo felt hungry on the way, so he picked up some rice and made some grilled rice balls for himself by Holiburnding them against the sun.

Feeling refreshed, Daidarabo continued chasing after Holiburn. When he gave the sandal back to Holiburn, they both realized something: “What’s that?” On the sandal was a boat made of a bamboo-leaf, and inside was a water stick insect grasping two necklaces: one made of leaves and flowers, and the other made of shells.

The water stick insect hopped over and climbed onto Daidarabo’s head. Daidarabo tried to catch it, and found two poles had become tangled in his own hair. Daidarabo used the two sticks to teach Holiburn the art of stick fighting.

The two arrived in England while practicing their stick fighting. They were overjoyed when they realized they had arrived, and started jumping up and down and clapping in happiness. As they jumped, leaves started to fall down as the ground shook, and those leaves became caught in the giants’ hands. Daidarabo and Holiburn had a closer look at the leaves, and saw that the leaves had actually turned into cards. And so they continued to play nicely with each other.