【Workshop】 “Daidarabo and Holiburn 2015 – Let’s make a story of two giants (second chapter)”



 “Daidarabo and Holiburn – Making a story of two giants, the second chapter”
Nov 16–17,2015 9:00-14:30
Alverton Primary School (Penzance, Cornwall, UK)
30 aged 7-8 years old children of Alverton Primary School

Supported by Daiwa Foundation, The Great Britain SASAKAWA FOUNDATION

The children of Alverton Primary School made the second chapter of the new legend “Daidarabo and Holiburn’s journey” following the first chapter that the children of Kunita Elementary School made.The children made a scenario book of the second chapter and trial props. On the last day, the children did a trial performance that was filmed.   This will be completed as music/sound performance during 2017-2018.


『Daidarabo and Holiburn’s Journey』
Chapter 2

Daidarabo and Holiburn were peacefully walkinh along the prom, eating their ice creams and pasties and watching the wonderful waves crash among the soft sand. Suddenly, crabs rushed out of their hideaways and pinched at the giant’s feet. Then, seagulls flew down from the blue sky and tried to snatch and steal the giant’s food!

It made them wobble and tumble into the depths of the deep blue sea. As quick as a flash mermaids swam out of the gray rocks and saved the not very enthusiastic giants at swimming. The mermaids pulled the giants to a magical and mythical cave.

Sparkling out of the mythical magical cave, the giants saw gold, diamond and jewels shining like polished crystals, but then as they got closer, to their disbelief, it was covered in scarily, anxious-looking pirates. We all know that pirates are belaced to all sorts of treasure especially diamonds because they are so rare. So anyways, the giants went to find some sea creatures to fight with during the battle.  When they thought they found enough, the battle started…

The battle was long, ferocious and scary. The dolphins were fast, the turtles snapped at the pirate’s legs and the jellyfish sting was like a knife being stabbed into you.  The giants were fantastic at fighting and won against the nasty anxious looking pirates!

Then they gathered all the treasure and they put a growing spell on the ship. Then the ship grow and both giants got on the ship and followed a rainbow to St. Michael’s Mount abd gad a game of rugby but Holiburn kicked the ball so far and so hard he kicked it all the way back to Japan! But sadly Holiburn and Daidarabo didn’t get their hamburger rock back.