【Workshop】Let’s make a big drawing of the legends in Maizuru

August 5, 2016WORKSHOPS


“Let’s make a big drawing of the legends in Maizuru”
Date:2016. 7. 31 (sun) 13:00~16:30
Venue:Nishisogokaikan (624-0853 Minamitanabe, Maizuru-City, Kyoto)
Participant : Junior high school students or older
Sponsored by:Kyoto Prefecture, Maizuru Cultural Enterprise Foundation
Date: 2016.12.16 (fri) – 2016.12.18(sun)
Venue: Maizuru Cultural Enterprise Foundation

There are lots of legend in Maizuru. We tried to re-write a new legend from the view point of the objects (tree, hengaku, jizo, sand, suzuo) that is appeared in the legends. The works were displayed in an exhibition.