【workshop】Derabo?Daidarabocchi? Diraboccha?- mystery of the giant

October 5, 2016WORKSHOPS

Derabo?Daidarabocchi? Dirabocha?-  mystery of the giant
Date: 2016.10.2 (sun) 10:00-16:00
Venue: Takasaki Health Centre 4th floor, Exercise room / Free
Participant : 6 of Primary school children and their mothers

In Takasaki there is a mythology that a giant created Mt. Haruna. His name is Derabo. Seeing a view of Takasaki City from the viewing lounge of Takasaki City Hall and feeling like the giant, we started a workshop. How big would the giant be enough to create a mountain? What could  he do with his huge body and what could not he do well? The participants drew illustrations to introduce giant mythologies and made mountains of clay that you wanted to create in Takasaki City if they were Derabo.

* The works children create were exhibited from 3rd of October for two weeks.