【Workshop】 ”Daidarabo and Holiburn 2017 – Let’s make giant’s lost item #1””



“Daidarabo and Holiburn – Let’s make giant’s lost item”
July 25 – 26, 2017, 11:00-15:300
Kunita Compulsory Education School (Mito, Japan)
11 children aged 9-12 from Kunita Compulsory Education School

The children sketched landscape and plants in Nanatsudo Park, collected materials found inside the park such as branches, vines and leaves to make Holiburn’s handkerchief (3m×3m) and one sandal (1.2m long side). They also listened to the music and songs about the giants that were created by the children at Alverton Primary School in March 2017, and read messages from the children in UK written on bamboo musical instruments. In return, they wrote a message to the children at Alverton Primary School. Holiburn’s handkerchief will be delivered to Carn Galva where Holiburn lives, through the children at Alverton Primary School in March 2018.