【Workshop】Daidarabo and Holiburn 2018 – Let’s make the song of giants

October 29, 2018ON GOING PROJECT

Daidarabo and Holiburn2018 – Let’s make the song of giants
Venue:Nanatsudo Park(Shimokunii-cyo, Mito City, Ibaraki)
Guest:Kumiko Yabu (musician)
Participants: 4 children (9-10years old)
cooperation by: executive committee of Nanatsudo Park, Mito city Parks and Green Division,
Interior Design department of Bunka Gakuin.

The children tried to look for and collect the giant’s lost items which were hidden in Nanatsudo Park. We created and sang the song all together with the giant’s lost items.

1. Japanese
Kocchi ni oide
Kimi no sagashimono
Card Zori Okuba Enpitsu Chizu
Omoide no Hankachi

2.  Giant’s language
Kon nio oira
Tii jiu gui
Royo zu bank
Cola Maisute Okuba Nirayaji Mr
Bori bo bobo bobobobobo

Come here to collect your lost items.
We found them.
Playing cards, a sandal, a back tooth, a pencil, a map
and a handkerchief with full of memories.

*This workshop was held in ”KUNITA DE ART” sponsored by executive committee of Nanatsudo Park.