What is “Daidarabo and Holiburn”


DAIDARABO AND HOLIBURN” is a project that is about Daidarabo giant in Mito, Ibaraki, Japan and Holiburn giant in Penzance, Cornwall, UK which has started in 2013, Spurning from my interest in the legends of giants narrative to the regions of Mito and Cornwall (UK),  I have continued to explore various approaches as a means to understand existences that are invisible to the eye, as well as the things we find indescribable or hard to explain. I have tried in the form of workshops with children, exhibitions, performance with musicians and report events. As a core of project, I have started a workshop programme which has consecutive different theme   every year with primary school students both in Japan and UK. I have played a role as mediator between children and the giants and have two primary schools, Kunita Compulsory Education School, Mito Ibaraki Japan and Alverton Primary School, Penzance, Cornwall, UK as my project partners.