【Workshop】 “Daidarabo and Holiburn 2014 – Let’s make souvenirs of Mito to Holiburn”



“Daidarabo and Holiburn – Let’s make souvenirs of Mito to Holiburn”
July 23 – 25,2014 11:00-14:30
Nanatsudo Park and Kunita Elementary School (Mito, Japan)
27 students (9-12 years old)

Daidarabo is going to see his best friend, Holiburn who lives in Carn Galva, Penzance, Cornwall, UK in this autumn. Holiburn is the English giant who came to visit Daidarabo and stayes in Nanatsudo Park in the summer of 2013.  The one who was troubled because he didn’t know how to fix the places where he carelessly broke and the children of Kunita Elementary school helped him to fix those places.

Daidarabo is very excited to take the first overseas trip to the UK but at the same time he is not sure what he should take to Penzance for Holiburn as a souvenir. So I asked the children of Kunita primary school to make some of wonderful souvenirs for Holiburn by using materials from Nanatsudo Park. Taketonbo (bamboo toy that has a propeller on a stick. You roll the stick with your palms to take it off), kusudama (wishing ball for a long and healthy life), a flag and a wooden box.

These souvenirs will stop at some places on the way then eventually arrive at Alverton Primary School in Penzance this September. The children of Alverton Primary School will take them to Carn Galva where Holiburn lives.