31.Shichikencyo Kids Park

August 1, 2012EVENTS


I had a mending event at gazebo in Shichikencyo Kids Park with local residents in Shimoichi area. We cleaned up the park first then did lovely four mendings all together.

No1: There was a hole in one of wood stick of the ceiling. We found a perfect item, a plastic heel.

No2: A part of the roof had come off. We used a belt and a teeth of a saw for this mending.

No3: Bill of the cap filled in a hole in the floor. I got this cap from Shoreditch House, a membership club bar in East London. they offered me lots of lost properties that those owners didn’t show up for a long time.

No4: We found one wood stick was wobbly in the ceiling. We used the yellow rubber tag to make it stable. I found this rubber tag in Bricklane, London. This item is doing very well in many places in Mito.