6. Tatokoro boutique

August 26, 2012EVENTS


There was a piece of brown tape on the floor at the entrance of Tatokoro boutique and it appealed me for a long time. I was so curious how it was like under the brown tape. I talked with Tatokoro san many times but I just kept loosing a chance to mention about it. But one day I felt it was the right timing to ask her if I could find out how it was like under the tape. She laughed at me saying “How come you are curious about such a tiny thing…” Then she showed it to me and I saw an unexpected situation.

I didn’t imagine… I thought that one piece of tile had completely come off. But actually there was only a little hole. I wiped and cleaned around the hole, then it showed up clearly. It looked like a tadpole! Then Tatokoro san chose a material for mending to make it adorable. A light purple tadpole was born at the entrance of Tatokoro san's shop. Tatokoro san has a tortoise, hope they get along.