22. kokous

August 10, 2012EVENTS


Ebisawa san from kokous is one of  Zakkaz member.

No1 & No2: Some beads from a necklace and a bracelet covered the holes on the wall in the shop.

No3: I used three items for mending these little holes in the door. The grey ring. When I found it on the street in London, my hands were full of bags so I was going to ignore it but it made a big appeal to me saying “Pick me up!”. The red sharpener. One day when I went to open the Bsix Free Shop, it was alone proudly in the donation box. The earphone cover. While I was conducting Lost and Found project, a certain person came to the Lost and Found office to collect her lost property, she rejected to receive it as she thought she could get more valuable item. These three items have different histories in London but now they are together at kokous in Mito city. Congratulation. I am so proud of you three.