28. North Bike Park at Mito station

August 4, 2012EVENTS


I mended three signs in North bike park at Mito station. I had a very funny conversation with three staff there. They kept asking me “We didn’t know that  Artist does do these kind of tiny and humble works. Artist should be do something more impactive!” I had no comment to this.

No1: Some edges of the sign came off. When I asked the staffs if I could touch them up, they laughed at me loud saying "well done! You fond such a small lack". I used a FOYLES bag it's red was slightly different to the tape of this sign but they made a nice harmony.

No2: The other staff made this sign board. A few letters on Shoji paper were imperfect. He said he knew it but he thought no one noticed it so he left them imperfect. A part of the letter “F” from a poster of "BSix Free Shop" which I run in London filled in the lack of this sigh board .

No3: This arrow was supposed to be attached in the middle but someone attached it on the left side. I repaired the sign a little bit and We all discussed where it should be attached. This sign is used only at a very special occasion. I wonder what is the special occasion.