2. Nespa

August 30, 2012EVENTS

1. Nespa

I have completed 45 Mending Mito 2012 today!  The last place was Ineko san’s izakaya called Nespa. As soon as I arrived at Mito station on my first day in Mito in June 2012, I met this Ineko san in the bus terminal of the station. Since then we spent long time together.

Everyday something new were hanging in this wire.a plastic bag of short-neck clams, lots of moist hand towels, a packed lunch which Ineko san made to her regular customer and an umbrella. Ineko san used this wire to deliver something to someone, so I decided me to use it for Ineko san. I put her favorite flower in the beer cup which I found on the street in a market for free and made it a flower pot and hung it in the wire. This is a little present for Ineko san.