8. Lolipop cowboy

August 24, 2012EVENTS


This shop is very close to Art Tower Mito. The owner, Taira san is a designer/illustrator so I didn’t want to disturb his worldview. I tried to tune my mending plan to his worldview by having a casual discussion.

No1: Taira san asked me to mend this power supply. The cover of power supply was broken and wobbly. A big miracle flew down. one part of the grey silver bag worked perfectly.

No2: There was a flaking on the wall by the till and we found the right item, maybe a part of watch belt?, that perfectly fit in.

No3 I found this red pen on the street when I walked with the girl who I was looking after as a nanny during my stay in London, we got so excited to find it even it was just a red pen.